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The exchange of vows is the spiritual foundation of a wedding ceremony. I hold that if a bride and groom compose their own vows, those words, as given by them, will exceed the  importance of anything their minister might say about them during their entire ceremony.

For a personalized vow exchange is the verbalized expression of two hearts in love. A minister however can only offer what he or she believes the couple is feeling for each other. Personalized vows are the real deal- right from the source.

Together, we'll create a ceremony that treats everyone, excludes no one, and rewards all who've attended.

To this end I will use   my skills and experience

I am set in helping you resolve these issues by finding the right ceremonial expression. I've been doing it for a long time.

We'll design your ceremony so that it's true to you both, and respects the hopes of others.

Religion and philosophy are wonderful expressions of the human experience. If they are used, let them enhance your ceremony and not detract from it.

Be smart, be considerate, and find common ground. I'll help you find just the right wording and ceremony options for your wedding event or Vow Renewal service.

And it is you who needs to give these words - not a minister - who by accounting your dating history and other anecdotal stories about you, hopes to convince your audience he or she has known you for a lifetime. Few guests are fooled by this.

I tell my couples: There are reasons you both are marrying each other. What are they? Those reasons, along with some of the trials and tribulations you both went through to get here, along with a humorous insight or two about your personalities,- those make vows !

Commitments and pledges of fidelity are great for your vows, but go easy, slavery ended with Lincoln. Your guests want to know what's on your heart and what led you to this moment, standing before them, as you speak to the one you love.

Wedding vows can be short or long; length is irrelevant. I will begin with a short vow exchange used at one of my ceremonies to show you how easy this is.

   Then the longer ones follow, some of which are almost short stories. My thanks to all the couples who allowed me to share their vows with you!

A Fairy-tale Entrance to a Fairy-tale- Wedding Horse drawn Carriage
A carriage dramatizes the entrance of a bride and the recession of the bride and groom at the ceremony's end.

The person escorting the bride down the aisle typically rides with her as she makes her approach for outdoor venues .  The carriage usually pulls up to the base of the center aisle and the bride, assisted by her escort or others, steps out of the coach.  I have a Horse and Carriage ready for your wedding event.

Always step out of the carriage on the side opposite the audience. This is because exiting a coach can be difficult or awkward looking. The carriage, between you and the audience, will block any view of this.  Once the bride has stepped out, and her bridal train positioned behind her, and her escort by her side, she is ready to make her entrance.

  The audience is asked to rise, the carriage pulls away, and a beautiful bride begins her walk down the aisle.  Dramatic indeed!

I will gently lead you, like a theater director, through all the beautiful options you have chosen for your wedding ceremony during your ceremony . Your reputations and those of your families are on the line as well. And if you are the typical bride or groom you will have from 20 to 400 eyeballs on you for 30 minutes straight.

You are hiring me for results.    I'm going to deliver those results - in spades. It's just that from time to time a wedding coordinator, a future mother in law or even a bridesmaid will take it on themselves to advise me on how to perform a wedding ceremony.

They invariably become offended should I disagree with their suggestions, not to mention the time that is lost during a rehearsal.

Some ministers really don't care if the ceremony they perform is designed or rehearsed by someone else.

I'm not one of them.

 I will put my heart and soul into giving you the wedding that you dreamed about. I have many ceremonies that you can choose from and add in your own vows or choose made if your not a writer it will be our secret !

Please feel free to call me and i will explain any question you might have If I cant take your call please leave me a message regarding you considering your upcoming marriage. 

  I promise to call you back within the day.

My number is 315-416-0753  you can email also