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 Thank you for coming to my web sight today.  I'm Barb a  ordained non-denominational minister.  I am happy  to help you and your partner plan your perfect  wedding ceremony. I will help you have a  meaningful, memorable, and stress-free wedding day. Personalize your special day with just the right words, many ceremonies available.

I can also  add in a Mothers Rose  ceremony show the Mothers how special they are to you both. I can give you  a  Candle-lighting, Wine ceremony...or just keep it short and sweet a elopement ceremony .   It's all up to you It's your day done your way !  Contact me today, and check this one off your list. Set your date today don't miss out on the day you want. I can marry you in a church or a castle or in the Adirondacks a park, waterfall, Niagara falls. I have some honeymoon special places to can go  just ask for information.

I offer military and AARP  members discounts.
Contact me: Minister Barbara Ladabouch  

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Marriage - Thinking of that special day making the commitment planning  so much to do  .  Let me assist you in making your marriage to be one of professionalization catered to your wishes.  I will be honored to be a part of your Vow renewal service I have some touching services to  show your love and commitment to each other.  I will perform your wedding in the location of your choice .  You took the time to find your soulmate to marry take and make the first step of your married life a part of Forever Yours Ministry.

 Baptize -  Here at Forever Yours Ministry I can baptize  babies children and adults when  your ready to take the important step let me be a part of that special day you will always remember. I will give you a certificate  suitable for framing with the baptism persons name and date written on it  at no extra cost.  Although each denomination and religion have their own individual practices and traditions, most forms of baptism involve using water to cleanse people of their sins before they enter the faith. This ritual is also considered a way of ushering someone into their new spiritual life. Reverends, pastors and ministers are often looked to as those who perform this ceremony.

Baptism ceremonies generally come in two forms: immersion and affusion. Immersion baptisms involve fully submerging the person into water. This can be done in a pool, large tub, or in a lake/river. affusion baptism is a much simpler process. For this type of ceremony, water is simply sprinkled or poured on the person's head.

 Last Rights - When it is time to say farewell to someone we hold dear in our heart let me come to the hospital say a few words  apply  anointing oil help you to say your farewell during the hardest of times. This is such a difficult time to gather ones self but together we are strong and know that we shall meet up again with the departed.