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Helpful Questions   to  let me get to  know  you better to provide you with a personalized wedding ceremony.

To better get to know you and your partner, and to make your ceremony unique to your relationship, please take a moment to fill out this questionnaire.

Contact Information please print out this page  and mail to me or email me the answers in the sequence they appear here.

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Background Information

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What is your family background? Are there any traditions you would like to include?

Many families have wedding traditions that are unique to their family, such as a bride wearing an heirloom wedding veil or other wedding accessory.

Wedding traditions almost always involve the participation and observance of the bride and groom's friends and/or family.

This can help bring a family together and remind them that they the family bond won't be diminished in marriage.

Please tell me about your parents.

What type of ceremony would you like to have?