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                                                              Hello Welcome to Forever Yours  Shopping

I am a ordained Minister as by now you know and I assist many couples of all ages in getting Married or planning a funeral or helping with a Baptism. I serve a lot of low income families and purchase items to make the day special for the event.

 I have made flower bouquets for my brides flowers for a arch and the arch a PA system so the vows are heard. I do funerals for families at a time of loss money need not be  A issue I get donations for a lot of my duties.

I have found it is becoming incredible the increasing cost for me to be able to keep supplying my couples and families  with things to make the event created for them with special touches. I have set this page up to defer some of the out of pocket costs that you would  obtain I want to keep bringing my couples and families something special. I ask that you look over and bookmark this page I will be changing up content from shops a lot.

Now the Details:

 I am a affiliate for many companies so I can bring you some deals that you normally won't  find. If you want a special item contact me and I will try to locate it for you. 

I won't be held for shipping that is how you set up with the company you're buying from. I am not responsible if a price changes due to ad company  lowers or increases cost.

Please write down or print out your receipts and keep  your info handy I can help find out if a issue should arise but again I am not held responsible  for purchases.

Welcome to my shopping area. I am offering you deals with many companies I am a affiliate with and can get for you products you are not aware of or maybe at a better cost than you can obtain. I as always say the following I am not held responsible for lost or slow shipping with any company this is what you set up when making a purchase your shipping rates. I am not held responsible for changes in pricing items on sale may return to normal price or go out of stock. I will assist if needed in getting any information on your purchase that I can obtain but always keep your information and items you purchase same as you normally do. Please let me know if your seeking a special item and maybe I can locate it for you it is always my pleasure to assist you. This shopping page is here to defer some of the costs I occur when assisting low income families in times of need as in suppling flowers bouquets clothing funeral services I preform I try to help the low income people as much as I can. I am a real Ordained Minister in New York state.